Selv mindre og moderate mængder af alkohol fremmer kræft i strubehoved, hals, spiserør, lever, tyktarm, endetarm og bryst. (engelsk)

Guardian skriver om en stor undersøgelse af sammenhængen imellem alkoholindtag og kræft bl.a:

The study, published in the scientific journal Addiction, concludes that there is more than simply a link or statistical association between alcohol and cancer that could be explained by something else. There is now enough credible evidence to say conclusively that drinking is a direct cause of the disease, according to Jennie Connor, of the preventive and social medicine department at Otago University in New Zealand.“There is strong evidence that alcohol causes cancer at seven sites in the body and probably others,” Connor said. “Even without complete knowledge of biological mechanisms [of how alcohol causes cancer], the epidemiological evidence can support the judgment that alcohol causes cancer of the oropharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver, colon, rectum and breast.”

Kilde: Alcohol is a direct cause of seven forms of cancer, finds study | Society | The Guardian